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Map & Guide

Welcome to the Wrigleyville Guide Interactive Map!

Below are 4 Maps showing Clark Street, Wrigleyville’s Main Drag, from North to South, and a 5th Map showing the Addison/Sheffield Area.  Click Any of the Boxes for Full Info on that place – the Red White & Blue Boxes are Bars or Restaurants that are also serve booze.  The Green Boxes are places mainly to Grab Food.  At the bottom of the page, you can see a “Real” map that shows what area each image map correlates to!

The Clickable Graphic Maps above Correspond to the 5 areas shown here in the “Real Map” of the Wrigleyville Area.  Our maps follow the main strip, Clark Street, from North to South.  Clark Street actually goes Diagonally North to South, but on our Maps, we show Clark as the straight line with the other streets relatvite to it!